Compressor Concentric Valve Replacement - Helium Compressors / VP30

Removal of Concentric Valve:

  • First, remove all piped connections on the inlet and outlet side of the cylinder head

  • Loosen and unscrew nut (14) to allow pressure screw (12) to move. Note, nut (14) is large, with a width of 55mm across the flats, take this into account when tooling for the job.

  • Loosen and unscrew pressure screw (12) by approximately 2 pitches, not all the way out

  • Remove 4 cap head screws holding down cylinder head and remove cylinder head.

  • Remove concentric valve from the cylinder seat.

  • Remove all old gaskets and carefully clean all sealing faces.

Replacement of Concentric Valve:

  • Once disassembled. Clean all sealing faces as per all compressor servicing.

  • Insert new gaskets as included in repair kit.

  • For copper sealing rings for the concentric valve, special care and attention is required. It is essential that the seals are correctly positioned into the circular slot on the cylinder head and the pressure screw. The best way to achieve this is to use a little grease to "glue" the rings into their required positions and being very gentle after this to ensure they do not move.

  • Insert the valve into its seat, and very carefully place the cylinder head with pressure screw onto the cylinder seat and screw tightly into place with cap head screws.

  • Gently screw down the components to allow to meet the valve face, and then tighten as much as possible (recommended torque is 200Nm)

  • Replace all inlet and outlet pipes and tighten appropriately.