High Pressure N2 Generator Systems

Maximator UK High Pressure Nitrogen Generators are designed to allow users to utilise their workshop air supply to generate high purity nitrogen with standard pressures up to 350 Bar. These units include an air dryer, nitrogen generator core, compressor, controls and gas storage. Depending on the pressure required, the gas compressor can be either a Maximator air driven gas booster, or an electric driven gas compressor.

Equipment Description/Summary

Options available for nitrogen generators include:

  1. VP160/30G - Capable of delivering up to 10 Nm3/hr (160 Nlpm) of Nitrogen at purities of up to 99/5% against pressure of up to 30 Bar.

  2. VP250/350G - Capable of delivering up to 18 Nm3/hr (250 lpm) of Nitrogen at purities of up to 99.5% against pressure of up to 350 Bar.

Data Sheet - VP250/350G

General Safety Information

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