Equipment manual downloads

Note: Contents of manuals are subject to change.

15193 A - DLE 30-2 Booster station SS frame.pdf — DLE 30-2 booster station in Stainless steel frame.

Compressor Schematic — Schematic for a high pressure compressor. Note that this schematic covers a four stage compressor with suction bypass and pressure switches for each stage. Some compressors do not have all these features.

Electrical Symbols Legend — Description of electrical symbols used in Maximator UK schematics

Electrical symbols Legend PT — Descrição dos símbolos eléctricos utilizados em esquemas Maximator UK

Gas Booster Handbook - the booklet sent with every Maximator Gas Booster

Gas Booster Technical information

High pressure pump handbook — Handbook for high pressure pumps, 02/2015

RM350 EG-Konformitätserklärung

RM350 Declaration of conformity

RM350 Elec — Electrical schematic for RM350 Series. Includes units with hydraulics, plus CS signals option and Euromap 62 adaptor.

RM350 esquema elétrico - Português

P2027 - RM350 P&ID

P2027 - RM350 ESQUEMA HIDRAULICO. Português na página 2

RM350 Installation instructions - May 16 — Installation instructions for Maximator UK RM350 controller units. Covers safety, connection and commissioning of our gas controller units, with and without booster.

RM350 operating instructions, DE — Deutsch Bedienungsanleitung

RM350 operating instructions, EN — Operating instructions, RM350 gas controllers, from Aug 15 on.

RM350 operating instructions, ES — Instrucciones de uso en español por RM350

RM350 operating instructions, CZ - Návod k použití v českém jazyce

Istruzioni per l'installazione - RM350

RM350 OP INS 1508 DE.pdf

RM350 Maintenance instructions

RM350 OPS PT — instruções de operação para máquinas da série RM350 em idioma Português

VP1515 ins 1603.pdf — VP1515 installation instructions in English

VP1515OPINS1603.pdf — VP series operating instructions. Covers VP15/VP250, VP30/VP500, VP1515/VP250/350G and VP2000 units.

VP 1515 piping schematic — P&ID for VP1515, VP250/350G, VP300/350G - units with generator.

VP15 Compressor Maintenance - Maintenance instructions and parts list for VP15 compressor

VP 30 Compressor Maintenance — Maintenance instructions and parts list for VP30 (VP500) compressor

VP OP INS NL — Gebruiksaanwijzing voor VP-serie machines in de Nederlandse taal (Dutch language VP Series)

VP OP INS PT — instruções de operação para máquinas da série VP na linguagem Português

VP Series elec — Electrical Schematic for VP Series machines. Covers VP1515/VP250/350G, VP30/VP500, VP15/VP250

VP series installation, NL — Installatie-instructies voor VP-eenheden in de Nederlandse taal (Dutch language VP Series)

VP Series Version 7 Operating instructions — Operating instructions in English for VP Series compressor units with Version 7 software and PP35 screen