Installation Information - HIMAX Embedded Standard - up to M209

The below instructions relate to the HIMAX Embedded Standard version with serial number below M210

General Installation Instructions

  1. Mount valve module.
  2. Connect pipework. Ensure that there is no stress on the valve connections as this could cause the valve to be come misaligned and stop working.
  3. Connect Mains Power (X3.1, X3.2 & X3.3) - Diagram 1
  4. Connect to Valve Position Output if using (X4.1 & X4.2) - Diagram 1
  5. Make connections on X20CP1301/X1 - Diagram 2
  6. Make connections on X20CP1301/X2 - Diagram 3
  7. Make connections on X20 CP1301/X3 - Diagram 4
  8. Connect valve control module to valve module using connections provided

Setting Valve Position

It is important to set the open and closed positions of the valves before utilising the HIMAX unit.


  • When tested, valves are not always tested with the control module they have been supplied with.
  • Valves may need to be closed further to seal when using higher pressures.
  • The pre-set fully open position may not be large enough to allow sufficient flow through the valve for the application.


  1. Ensure the motor speed is set at a low voltage (3rpm (or 3V) or less is recommended).
  2. Move the valve to its current open or closed limit, depending on which one requires moving outside of the limits.
  3. Press and hold down the Allow Past Limit button. At the same time press and hold the relevant Jog function to move the valve past its current set limits.
  4. Carefully watch the valve until it physically reached the desired new fully open or fully closed position.
  5. Press the relevant Set Open or Set Closed button to set this as the new limit.

HIMAX Embedded Inputs & Outputs: