HX 02.240 Download

Please only use this download if you have been advised by us to do so. When you have finished, If the software update has been successful, you will see "HX 02.240" as the version number on the main screen.

Download the zip file here (opens in a new window. Click the down arrow at the top to download).

Unzip the files in the zip file to a USB memory stick. Be sure to preserve the folder structure.

See instructions on how to use the USB stick to update the software on your machine.

This file was downloaded and installed successfully by Jon on 09/09/22.

What's new?

  • Slider for manual setting of Pressure. Useful for pulling fluid through, setting closed valve position etc.

  • Test pressure now can be set in settings pages

  • Auto top up function available in settings pages

  • Every step of a test now has stop/resume/quit functionality, so you can pause or abort a test at any stage.