Hose Test Systems

Hose Test System - Testing to 7000bar (101,500psi)

Maximator Hose Test systems are designed to cover a pressure range from 0-7000bar (101,500psi) and utilise the unrivialled quality of the Maximator components

Hose test Sytems can be tailored to specific customer requirements and test specifications whilst covering all sizes and lengths


Main benefits

Able to cover all customer testing requirements

Compatibility to suit customer needs

Flexible options to tailor the Hose test system to customers exact needs

Reduced Operator intervention whilst in Auto mode to allow for increased productivity

Test performance / certificates available with real time data for improved traceability

Operator Safety - prevents acess to test well whilst a test is in progress

Allows for excellent viewing of the component under test

Allows for easy fill or change of test fluids

Main Features

- Test pressures up to 7000 bar (101,500psi)

- Wide range of Test Fluids

- Wide range of design options available

- Manual or Automatic control options available

- Full data aquisition package available

- Fully interlocked test well

- Test well viewing windows & illumination

- integral Fluid tank with fill access


If you are interested to obtain a quotation for one of our Hose Test systems please click on the button to the left or get in contact with our office on Tel 01606 636000 or sales@maximator.co.uk