VP 1515.23.02 (CN) Download - 26/10/2023

Please only use this download if you have been advised by us to do so.

Download the zip file here (opens in a new window). Click the down arrow at the top to download.

Unzip the files in the zip files to a USB memory stick with nothing else on it. Be sure to preserve the folder structure.

To update your KTP400 HMI with the new firmware, plug in the installation media and reboot the device. In the boot menu go to: 'Settings > Service & Commissioning > Project Download'. Press the circle in the centre of the screen to see the full menu and work through the four screens to load the data. If successful, the device should reboot, and upon start the HMI should now have a Chinese interface.

Note: This version has been tested successfully on  a production unit on 26 October 2023.

What's new in this version?