How to access Data Files on a PLC

A number of Maximator automated machines come with a datalogging facility to allow customers to keep information on tests. You will be made aware your system has this facility prior to delivery.

In order to get the data log files out of a system, it is necessary to have your own PC with an ethernet connection.

  1. Using a PC fitted with an ethernet connection port download the filezilla application for free here

  2. Connect your computer to the ethernet port located on your PLC using an ethernet cable. Information on setting this up can be found here

  3. Open Filezilla and fill in the following fields in the bar near the top of the application
    Username: Provided with machine
    Password: Provided with machine
    If you do not have username/password, contact Maximator UK

  4. Click connect, you should now see the Datastore in the bottom right window of the application

  5. Here all of the data log files can be transferred from the PC to your device, renamed or deleted.