VP20_07 Download

Please only use this download if you have been advised by us to do so. When you have finished, If the software update has been successful, you will see "VP_20.07" as the version number on the main screen.

Hardware validation

This version validates the hardware to ensure that the PLC you are programming is in Maximator UK's database. This means that you can only program the PLC if it has been supplied by us. The first time the software is run you will see a message asking you to enter a code. You will need to go to the Maximator unlock page and enter the full serial number (see picture) to get your code. Once this code is entered the machine will start and run normally and you will not need to enter the code again.

What changes in this version?

Bugfix: high and low set pressures reset to max values every power cycle.

Jon tested this version 29/11/21

Download the zip file here (opens in a new window. Click the down arrow at the top to download).

Unzip the files in the zip file to a USB memory stick. Be sure to preserve the folder structure.

See instructions on how to use the USB stick to update the software on your machine.