HX 02.233 Download

Please only use this download if you have been advised by us to do so. When you have finished, If the software update has been successful, you will see "HX 02.233" as the version number on the main screen.

Download the zip file here (opens in a new window. Click the down arrow at the top to download).

Unzip the files in the zip file to a USB memory stick. Be sure to preserve the folder structure.

See instructions on how to use the USB stick to update the software on your machine.

This file was downloaded and installed successfully by Jon on 26/1/22.

What's new?

  • Max hold time is now 500 days (12,000 hours)

  • Max delay to next cycle is now 100 days

  • Max test cycles is now 100,000

  • Countdown timers now shown for pressure holding phase and delay to next cycle phase.

  • Pressure ramp alarm (see below)

  • Pressure hold alarm (see below)

  • Full test function removed. One text, NIC PX TEST is available

  • Set and Actual phase pressure added.

Pressure ramp alarm

When the unit is ramping up, pressure monitoring is activated when the pressure increases above the threshold limit. After that and while ramping, if the pressure drops below the alarm level, the test will be stopped and a message will be shown.

The settings are in Setup page 4

Pressure hold alarm.

When the unit is on a pressure hold, if the pressure drops below the alarm level in Setup screen 4, the test will be ended and a message will be shown.

Setup screen 4 is below