Cure date information for Maximator seals

Customers have been asking for information on cure dates for Maximator seals. We do not practice traceability on seals, due to the vast quantities and sizes used. However, it is easy to manage stocks of seal kits by using a "use before" date.

Maximator seal kits do not show cure dates for the seals in them. It is not possible to put cure dates on the seal kits as we don’t practice maintaining traceability for seals.

Generally the following time periods should be considered for seals kept in correct storage conditions:

Elastomers should be stored dry, at steady temperatures above 5°C and out of direct sunlight.

We plan our elastomer lot sizes for standard seals in a way that allows us to pass them through in a time span shorter than a year.

Despite not applying traceability to seals, the above information should allow customers to apply "use before" dates to all seal kits purchased from us.

Downloadable statement on cure dates for Maximator seals.