Air Amplifier Stations

Air Amplifiers are suitable for compressing air or nitrogen. These units are capable of increasing normal shop pressures of 4-6 bar to a desired final pressure. The units themselves are also operated using shop air and can be provided with a variety of amplification ratios.

Equipment Description/Summary

Please refer the information located the bottom of this page for further details on options available. If you require any additional information, or would like to enquire about the bespoke solution please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Operating/Installation Information

These units require an air supply to drive them and a gas supply which will be amplified by the unit. Recommended air drive pressure 1-10 bar.

Simply connect air drive & gas supply to the unit and utilise regulator on air controls to increase the drive pressure, thus increasing the gas pressure within the unit.

Information on connections sizes will be supplied with your unit as these are dependant on the air amplifier included within your station.

Data Sheet - Air Amplifier — Brochure covering the range of air amplifiers

General Safety Information

P&ID & Parts List