How to connect to change IP settings to connect to MX machines

Most Maximator PLC's have graphic interface software or data logging facilities that can be accessed by connecting to the system using an Ethernet cable.

In order for this to function correctly, it is necessary to change some settings on your PC. Here are instructions on the steps required:

  • Plug one end of an Ethernet cable into your PC

  • Plug the other end into the PLC

  • Set up your Ethernet parameters on your PC

    • Go to Network & Sharing Center

    • Double click on the Ethernet connection to open the Ethernet Status dialog box

    • Click Properties to open the Ethernet properties dialog box

    • Select Internet Protocol Version 4 from the list, and then click properties again to open the settings box

    • Select "Use the following IP address" and enter the values as shown below

    • Confirm each window by pressure OK to ensure the settings are saved

    • You can check the settings have been saved successfully by opening the "Ethernet Status" dialog box again and clicking on Details... This will show the current settings and should be able to see the IP address you selected.

For further information:

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